The Wisconsin Governor’s Challenge has been introduced to motivate kids and adults, individuals and groups, to have fun while staying active.

With the rise of obesity among kids and adults in Wisconsin, they face increasing health risks from diabetes, heart disease and cancer. We need to act now to make a difference.

The goal of the Challenge is simple: get active for 30 minutes a day (or 60 minutes if you’re younger than 18), five days a week, for six weeks. Adults will notice they have more energy and sleep better at night – and kids will find it easier to concentrate in school.

If you’re looking for the right motivation to stay active – for yourself, your family, your workplace or your school – Governor Doyle invites you to take the Challenge.

The Wisconsin Governor’s Challenge
Following up on the success of the President’s Challenge, the Wisconsin Governor’s Challenge focuses on improving the health of people state-wide.

With more than 100 activities to choose from, the Challenge is ideal for people at all ages – and at any fitness level. No matter how you stay active, the rewards are enormous.

If you’ve never done a sit-up in your life, this challenge is for you. The same holds true if you already exercise regularly. Once you make this Challenge an ongoing part of your life, you won’t be able to stop.

The Wisconsin Governor’s Challenge is meant to motivate you to do more, every day – even when you’re walking to the store or from the parking lot to work. Just log in and enter what you did that day. You can also track your progress and see how you’re doing compared with thousands of others across Wisconsin.

Are you ready for the Challenge?

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